Purchase Policy and Service

Warranty included at mrsalk store:

The warranty includes the products sent to you in terms of the work of the program under the environment of the versions of Microsoft Windows 7 and higher and the version of Microsoft Office 2007 and higher

The warranty does not include the program when misuse it such as deletion and modification within the program there are inputs to be responsible for the client and must be correct to give the desired results of the program.

The program folder must be periodically copied out of the system with an independent volume to avoid operating system crash problems for any reason.

If you want to try the software, there are beta versions that you can download from the store.


Important note:

Warranty does not include tampering with the program or misuse.

The warranty is dropped when problems arise from the operating system or the breakdown of the computer.

All copies of our programs were tested before opening the store and no program was launched until after confirming its work. This means that sending the program to you is non - refundable since the copy was sent to you.